About Us

Construction Fails was founded in November 2015 by five of us who just wanted to laugh more on the jobsite. We all work in the construction industry. Kyle (a project manager), John (a plumber by trade), Jeremy (an ironworker) and Matt (an electrician).

We regularly heard and saw funny things around the jobsites we worked on. We created an instagram account to share these stories and it took off. Fast forward six months and we decided to create a brand so people could make eachother laugh outside of Instagram.

Fail.Construction was created to deliver goods that actually reflect the problems of the jobsite. The sayings and phrases you see on our products are things you will actually hear around the jobsite.

We pride ourselves on quality products so we've partnered with small manufacturers in the US who pride themselves on delivering good products. They all care deeply about the services they provide (just like us) and have that small town 'get er done' attitude.

We hope you join us on this journey and good luck on your project!

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